Auto restoration services

Metal work and body work

The key to a successful restore lies in great body work and that is why we never compromise here. It all begins with badly rusted or missing panels being replaced. TIG welding is our go to joining technique as it gives clean, compact weld seams and there isn’t excess stock on the weld itself. Minimal surface grinding. Any sheet can be fabricated and no custom panel is too demanding.


Talk to us for everything from simple tune ups to fully fledged transmission upgrades. We pride ourselves in accurate estimates. There’s a quality assurance program in place ensuring that what was promised is exactly what’s delivered. Count on our mechanics to fix your drivetrain, brakes or suspension system (and on the first attempt). Looking to swap that classic engine with a modern V8 engine? Sure! It’s game on.

paint job

After the body work is complete and the quality assurance inspector given the body work a clean bill, the polishing process begins. The most important part of this job is in matching your classic’s EXACT color. We’ll then match this with paint manufacturer’s codes. All painting is carried out in an environmentally-controlled spray both.

electrical upgrades

Who said that you can’t bring Bluetooth connectivity to a pre-2000 vehicle? We can port whatever modern comforts you desire; remote start, power doors and windows, custom lighting and stereo installations. 

Texas auto restoration