authentic and custom paint3

Authentic and Custom Paint

Our client's paint needs can be authentic or custom, or from bare metal to a high lustre finish. We give each car an award-winning paint job; in an environmentally controlled booth using state of the art HVLP spray equipment.

Mechanical Work

From a simple tune up, exhaust system, brakes, or more complex mechanical repairs, such as transmission, differential, shocks, front end rebuilding or electrical diagnosis. We will handle all of our customer’s maintenance requirements.

Engine Rebuilding

Engines are rebuilt using the latest modern techniques to be driveable and reliable for the antique or classic car. Whether the customer’s needs are partial or complete, the engine will be rebuilt to original performance or modified to increase horsepower with the same meticulous care throughout the rebuilding process.

Blasting and Etching

The original paint is removed by plastic blasting and all rust areas are garnet blasted. Metal Etching is applied after the car has been blasted to protect the metal from rusting. We use primers that contain a rust inhibitor which protects the shell metal from rusting in the future.





All our rust work is replaced with rust replacement panels, hand made panels are used when unable to obtain original panels.
Rustproofing is applying rust-inhibiting chemicals, waxes or sealers to the underside and inside of the vehicle's body as well as any other rust-prone areas.

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Our rustproofing treatments include a guarantee for ____( a certain number of years). There are annual "check-ups" where we touch up on any areas where the rustproofing may have been damaged.





All dents and damaged panels are panel beaten and file finished. We use a specialized tool to repair damaged panels, which also shrinks panels (a dent pulling machine and a spot gun)



Blocking is one of the most important procedure when restoring a classic car. The panels are made as straight as possible. We use various shaped blocks based on the body shape. We use minimum body filler on panels. A light coating is applied when there's no alternative. We only produce top quality work: That is, your car will be show ready when it leaves the workshop.

Classic car restoration in Texas

“Restoration: the act or process of returning something to its original condition,” Webster

We are told by psychologists not to think of our cars as extensions of our personality. But that is exactly what we like and what we want to do; the car you drive is the most visible and convincing way we, the people, state who we are, what we like, think, desire. A classic car can tell your story to an audience without you uttering a sound–the history of your family; your family tree.

Why are you restoring your car or truck? Is it to bring back memories of your childhood? Was it your Mom’s or Dad’s car? Does it remind you of a favourite uncle? Will the car be a gift to your son or daughter? To a friend or spouse or partner?

 Is it to be able to present the finished restored car to a charity to raise raffle money for a worthy cause?

 Are you restoring the car from an appreciation and love of beauty? Of art? Is it in the design and performance and character of the car?

 Is it to keep the car going, functioning, fit for the purpose it was made for? This is seldom just transportation. You love its spaciousness, style and comfort and above all, their special character which you don’t see in today’s models.

The Mission of Texas Auto Restoration is to be the premier classic car restoration shop in Houston, Texas. Our mission is achieved by providing unmatched craftsmanship and an experience that exceeds customer expectations. The mission is maintained by building long-term relationships with our employees, customers and our parts suppliers to ensure a strong business model. We provide top-quality restoration services by continuously investing in the development of our team members and in the most current technologies.

We differentiate ourselves by offering a broad range of high-quality restoration services. We are able to turnaround jobs faster by using a software program that keeps track of the most common replacement parts in our storage facility, and by using a checklist form, online calculator and questionnaire to assess the client’s needs and wants, and budget constraints before proceeding.

You will not have to wait to be serviced, and all of our restorations will be guaranteed for ____ (months/lifetime). We start by stripping the whole vehicle back to a bare shell, replacing badly rusted panels and carrying out other body repairs.

At Texas Auto Restoration we perform complete frame off restoration on all American/Foreign classic cars and muscle cars. This includes mechanical repairs on older cars, body and paint restoration including rust repair, electrical repair, upholstery repair, as well as custom engine building, custom paint and metal fabrication.

We use the Whirly Jig Rotisserie System that allows our technicians to access all angles of the vehicle for exceptional undercarriage detail without the risk of body distortion. This guarantees proper fit on the doors, hoods and body panels.

The owner has a long work history in the classic car restoration field, and has extremely high standards in regards to the shop’s workmanship standards. He works with the foreman ensuring that the shop’s employees meet these performance standards. The owner understands that, not only quality work, but the attention, knowledge and care bestowed on the customer and their cars will result in a good solid reputation. This has led to vital word-of-mouth referrals.

The restoration process




body panels and repairing the worn out ones







We can travel to your home or to the location of your convenience to evaluate your classic car restoration job. Free estimates. Our services can restore your car to its original look! We Will Repair any damage you have On Your Classic Vehicle & save you time and money! Our prices get us the work but it’s our professional results that keep us working. We can fix all your classic car body work needs; Including BIG DENTS, SMALL DENTS, RUST, SCRATCHES, HOODS, FENDERS, Upholstery and ROOF LEAKS. Give us a call at __________, to set up your free, no-obligation, private consultation today to discuss your classic car restoration needs!

our certified

Why Choose Certified Service?

Specializing in Classic and Antique Car Restoration.

Services include all body work, complete interior replacement, engine detailing and painting, under carriage cleaning and treatment, vinyl top installation, rust removal with sheet metal replacement, interior detail painting, repair or replacement of floor pans along with the hanging of new panels such as quarter panels, fenders and door skins, trunk pan replacement and more.

Experienced craftsmen

After a few years artfully restoring and upgrading classics, Texas Auto Restoration has recruited the most skilled, passionate and knowledgeable craftsmen you could hire in the South West. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a complete all-bolts-out overhaul or for a trustworthy mechanic that will season-proof your classic, it will be a pleasant experience.

We love Classic cars

Name another tangible object that you can use every day, provides endless amounts of enjoyment, will take you almost anywhere you want to go and will increase in value as the years go by? Classic cars, of course. There’s nothing like jumping in an old car and hitting the road. It’s a thrilling experience that just can’t be beat. But the best thing about owning an old car is the connection with the machine that you develop when you’re behind the wheel. Unlike new cars with their black plastic interiors and look-alike boring shapes, old cars have distinct characteristics about them that make them so endearing

We know what classics are worth investing in

The saying goes, if a car was popular when it was new then it will be popular when it’s old. In just about every single case, that is absolutely true. No one can truly predict how high any car’s value may one day reach, but we can make an educated guess based on experience and principles. Those principles are: limited production, fine craftsmanship, exceptional engineering, outstanding design, striking styling, high-performance engines or a competition pedigree. If a car has one or more of these attributes, then more than likely it will be highly regarded by enthusiasts and collectors alike, which means it will become a desirable collectible and its value will continue to increase.


What Our Clients Say

I had a pre-purchase inspection on a Mazda. I was looking to buy it and they let me bring it in on a Saturday with no appoint. Great guys! I recommend this service to everyone who looks for quality!

William Hill
26 September, 2020

I do oil changes regularly here, as the car needs the oil changed in order to work properly. The workers are polite and they really know what they do. I'm also satisfied with the prices here!

Brian Murdoch
09 October, 2020

I had a fuel injection issue, and that's why I turned to this service! They fixed everything and even washed my car for free! I’m glad that I went there, the people working there also gave me warranty.

Richard Smith
01 October, 2020

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