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We minimize the use of plastic body fillers through the use of superior craftsmanship and properly installed metal.

Many meticulous man hours to perform the necessary surface preparation and body repair in order to end up with a straight, imperfection free surface.

Street, show, or the race track, we're experienced and equipped to provide you with a dependable, high power engine.

We can retro-fit your drum brakes to a modern disc system and update the suspension with a high performance modified conversion unit.

We can design and build modern street rods based on classic, muscle car platforms.

Plastic Media Blasting, Paint Removal, Paint Stripping and Plastic Filler Removal, and Rust Removal/Eradication



At Texas Auto Restoration we offer a wide variety of surface preparation services: Plastic Media Blasting, Paint Removal, Paint Stripping and Plastic Filler Removal, and Rust Removal/Eradication for all types of cars and autos: classic, antique, muscle, collector, or vintage.

Some companies will dip your entire body into tanks of chemicals to strip it. [Followed by] baths in neutralizers and high-pressure washes designed to eliminate the chemicals trapped in your car's sheet metal; but if the operator isn't zealous, traces of chemical will be trapped in nooks and crannies and later (sometimes years), it will eat away your beautiful paint job from the inside (I speak from experience). Sandblasting is too forceful (85-100 psi) for the relatively thin surfaces of an automobile. High pressures and hard-silica-sand particles can stretch the sheet metal and even remove material..

Plastic Media Blasting (PMB) really is the perfect process for removing paint, primer, Bondo, and other assorted items. There is not a more efficient, economical, or safe way to remove the paint and body filler than (PMB). Low blast pressures (20 to 40 psi) and soft plastic particles are safe for the most delicate surfaces. You can use (PMB) on fiberglass, thin metals, trim, and more. There is not another facility with the blasting capabilities that Texas Auto Restoration (Texas Auto Restoration) has anywhere within a 1,000 mile radius,... if at all. End of story.

Our process is modeled to the same military specifications (Navy/Marines: IND-001-99; Air Force: ST01; Army: DPT) and uses some of the identical equipment they use. The Texas Auto Restoration blast facility consists of two separate and segregated blast rooms, one utilizing plastic media, and the other for use with more aggressive medias such as DuPont Starblast used for rust eradication. We have just completed various upgrades/revisions such as refrigeration air dryers, vacuum systems, etc., which even increased our productivity and performance, resulting in a finished product which is second to none.

When removing paint from the vehicle, the blasting process can be done to whatever level/degree you desire. This can range from simply blasting the exterior, leaving all components in place, and the end result being an exterior substrate which is free of all paint and body filler, and ready to perform necessary body work, prime/seal and finally paint. The other extreme being complete and total removal of all components and removing the "shell", mounting it on one of our five rotisseries and performing a complete and thorough blasting of all surfaces (exterior, interior, undercarriage, engine compartment, trunk compartment, etc.). At this point, all areas with any sign of rust corrosion are best treated by blasting with a more aggressive media, such as Dupont Starblast. Once these steps are completed, the body panels can be replaced, the necessary body work performed, and finally the body can be primed/sealed with a quality product, such as PPG DP 90 epoxy primer/sealer. This is, without a doubt, the method/procedure which is most widely used and accepted by all show quality restorers in the classic/antique auto restoration industry..

We serve Houston, Dallas-Ft Worth, San Antonio, Austin and the rest of Texas, as well as the surrounding states. Whether it's for street, show, the race track or somewhere in between, Texas Auto Restoration's work is second to none.


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